CTCSS / DCS 38 groups of standard CTCSS and 83 groups DCS are available (PC programmable). Built-in CTCSS/DCS Encoder/Decoder can prevent co-channel interference and unwanted conversations on the same frequency and ensure smooth communication.

DTMF Encoder/Decoder Programmable DTMF settings could be used for dispatch operations and remote control applications.

Easy-to-switch RF power Each channel or all channels could be set to high or low RF power for different applications by programming software or manually.

Remote Kill/Stun/Activate/Revive If the radio is killed or stunned, all attempts on operation by user, except power on/off, will be ignored. The radio will be activated or revived only when it received the correct code.

Public Address (PA) The PA feature feeds MIC audio through a powerful external public address amplifier, and outputs through external speaker, offering robust clarity in harsh, noisy environments.

Talk Around This feature allows user prompt reset the RX and TX frequency to be same and offers the possibilities of communication among radios in system without repeater.

Emergency Alarm The radio can be programmed to alarm local or secretly, to alarm with sending emergency code and alert or background sound for different emergency environments

PTT ID A certain code could be programmed with press or/and release of PTT button to notify the other people who is the caller.

Silent Interrogate The radio could respond to a preprogrammed code automatically and silently to make sure the user is in effective communication area.

Lone Work & Security Check The radio enters emergency mode if the user does not respond to a warning call (Lone Work) or a inquire code (Security Check), adding security and safety for individuals who work remotely and lonely. To prevent any carelessly missing, the reset of lone work status could be by simply press on programmed key.

Remote Background Monitor Background sound could be monitored by remote receiver with specific code.

Channel Scan The radio could continuously scan each channel in the scan list for active conversation. Simply press a preset key to activate scan. Priority scan and talk channel (revert channel) could be set too.

Selective Call Individual call or group call could be activated by press on preprogrammed Call keys. With different preset code, user can make two different calls in each channel.

Busy Channel Lockout (BCLO) BCLO is used to prevent the interference with the on-going conversation. If BCLO is on, the radio will be remaining in receiving status even with PTT pressed to avoid interfering with others on conversation.

Time-out Timer (TOT) When TOT is on and the transmission exceeds the preset time limit, the radio will stop after warning tone. TOT can prevent the radio from any potential damage caused by overlong transmission.

Monitor To monitor whether the current channel has signal, pressing the preprogrammed key. The Monitor function is used to receive weak signal.

Programmable keys Up to 5 programmable keys could be set as different functions by hold or press it.

Password Protection The radio offers reading and writing password to protect the privacy and prevent unauthorized modification of radio data.

Wired Clone To quickly set the parameters on a radio, the radio data could be cloned from another radio with cloning cable, saving the time of parameter setting.

Auto Power-on The radio installed on car could be powered on automatically with the car started.

Programmable Squelch Level (SQL)

Embedded Radio Information

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