Compact and Rugged Design
FP500 series designed with compact size is easy to carry and ideal for daily use. The rugged design combined with composite material can withstand 1.5 meters drop test and the IP65 dustproof and waterproof offers reliable
performance in harsh environment.

Easy to Use
FP560 provides a 4-line display to ensure an easy viewing of information even under the sunlight. The humanized menu design makes you feel that it’s easy to operate the radio just like a mobile phone.
Long Battery Life
Extended tasks on the job require radio of more continuous duty cycle than usual. FP500 series with standard 1500mAh battery can perform 15 hours guaranteeing completion of work in time.

 Spectrum Efficiency (6.25kHz Bandwidth)

Achieving greater spectral efficiency by creating two offset 6.25kHz channels in a 12.5kHz spacing, which saves your money of purchasing additional frequency.

Easy Migration
By changing the channel setting, FP500 series can be used in analog/digital or mixed mode. The mixed mode allows receiving and transmitting analog or digital signal on one channel, which enhances smooth migration to eliminate the risk of hard cutover and reduces the negative impact on the business.
Improved Audio Quality
In the past, missed words of a call may cause delays or confusion on the job. But thanks to Forward Error Correction technology in FP500 series vocoding process, which effectively rejects noise, providing more consistent audio performance throughout the coverage area, thus enhanced audio is created, quick and accurate communication is obtained.
Secured Communication
Information privacy is important to your bussiness. Communication is easily
eavesdropped by unwanted listeners outside the working team when you are using analog radio. Kirisun FP500 series with 32-bits encryption technology can provide more than 4 billion customizable codes, which means there is scarce chance that other users can monitor your communication.
Versatile Voice Call & Data Services
Using digital signaling, FP500 series provides various voice call types,
including private call, group call, all call and emergency call as well as remote control call and data service.
Emergency Alarm and Call
Dangerous situation happens without notification suddenly. Safety insurance is very important in nowadays. By simply touching the emergency button voice and background sound transmitted by the emergency call ensures timely response in emergency situation.
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