Half & Full duplex private voice call The half-duplex private voice callfunction allows usersto establish or release a call, manage the floor, limit call time, and identify the speaker. In Full duplex receive ringtone and / or answer reject a call. 

Video forwarding and distribution  A dispatcher can forward the received videos to other dispatch consoles or hand-held devices, or send the videos to the large screen video walls, achieving cooperative video dispatch of multiple dispatch consoles and video users.

Real time short data It receives and sends short data between two terminals or between a terminal and the dispatch console.

Multimedia message Texts, pictures, short videos, or files of other formats can be transmitted between two terminals, between a terminal and the dispatch console,or in a group.

Dispatch It dispatches, or cancels the dispatch of, groups or users, in which case the dispatch console dispatches groups or usersto, or deletes them from, DAC screens.

Dynamic regrouping with Triple screens  The dispatch console can dynamically and flexibly regroup the users that it manages, it has three screens, which are used for dispatch, positioning and video respectively.

Kill / Stun / Revive The kill, stun, and revive functions allow the dispatch console to activate or deactivate the specified terminal. AGer a terminal is stunned, it can be revived only by the authorized dispatch console. AGer the revival succeeds, the terminal is back to normal status and responds with a confirmation message. AGer a terminal is killed, it cannot perform any operation or be revived through any message generated by the air interface.

Dispatcher Priority An authorized dispatch console joins an ongoing group call and obtainsthe floor ofthe group call. When the dispatch console exits from a group call,the group call continues.

Emergency call alarming The dispatch console can receive emergency call alarms and join emergency calls.

Voice recording, video recording and playback The dispatch console supports voice recording, video recording, and play back of calls.

Real-time location indication & Historical Track query It supports marquees on the map. It supports ranging between two points or multiple points on the map. It supports E-fencing and raises an alarm when entering or leaving the fence. It raises path deviation alarms.

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